Athena's Brother Demetri Has also appered on Kids React
Athena from KR2 Selena Gomez

Athena during the video "Kids React to Selena Gomez."

2 Piuturcs of her when she reacted to Epic Meal Time when she was 13 years oldAthena Stamakinley was on Kids React from 2010 to 2012. She usually has a toy koala with her named Toasty.

Her first Appernce on the show with Zach and Willam was Kids React to Viral Videos! - 3 (Chocalet Rain - Physco girl can't sing - Creepy Lady)

She'd had 61 appernces on the show

  • For some reason she was 14 for a while on the show but never made it to Teens react. (Porbaly why she left IDK)