Friends with

Athena, Lia, Emma

Years on Kids React

2010 - 2013

Jake has been on the show since the first episode. However, he hadn't been in every episode. He showed up at the Daytime Emmy Awards in 2012.

Jake's Best Quotes: Edit

Benny: If you were at the grocery store and she came up to you, what would you do?

Jake: I would possibly go take my butcher knife and slice the kids out, THEN snipe her in the head.

Rafi: You have a lot of weapons. Does your mother know this?

Jake: She knows nothing of my ways.

— Jake in "Kids React to Snickers Halloween"
Benny: If you had a friend, that was singing this badly, and then said 'How did I do?', what would you tell her?

Jake: 'Sounds like a bunch of burning tires, what um... don't cry, I'm sorry.'

— Jake in "Kids React to Psycho Girl Can't Sing"