Kids React to DUCK SONG!Edit

The video starts at "Kids React to... VIRAL VIDEOS! This Episode... DUCK SONG!

How the Video StartsEdit

The video comes on, and Morgan don't what happening. Then Sydney starts smiling and said, "I know this one. These are one of things I know." Then Darius started singing with the song. Darius's younger brother, Royel, is looking at it. Paris looks Confused at the video. Dylan said, "This is what I drew on the Computer, when I was little." Asher and Emma R. just look at it, beause, they don't know what's happening. Sydney stared singing to the video. Jake don't what's happening. Riley said, "It this is the whole song goes?" Darius still singing along. Now William singing along. Dylan Laughed, so did Royel. Then Morgan stared laughing. Then William, Darius and Asher started dancing along with the video. When The man in the got mad, Emma R. said "Oh My Goodness!" Then Paris said "Oh My God." Then Darius said, "That man look so Irritated." Then Dylan said "Look so mad!" Then William still singing with the video. Then Sydney sing, "Got any GLUE?" Then Paris said in confused ment, "Glue?" Then William and Asher laughed. When the duck said, "Got any GRAPES?" Jake said, "NO HE DOESN'T!" When duck said he wanted lemonade, Dylan started laughing! Jake said, "WHAT?" Then Asher said, "I didn't think ducks can talk?" Then Royel said, "How did it talk on that? But, It's a duck?" Then Question Time starts.

Watch the REAL video!Edit


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